Anabolic Warfare
1. Going heavy too soon

Commonly called “ego lifting” is the act of lifting more than you should be regardless of form. Not only can this cause strain on your muscles, but it can seriously damage your joints. Stick to a weight that allows you to successfully perform all of the reps outlined in your workout plan. Take it one rep at a time and lift with great form and the weight will follow.

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2. Going in without a plan

Remember the workout plan we mentioned above? That is a must if you want to see some results. Not only does having a plan take the guesswork out of what equipment to hop on next, but it also keeps you accountable for your training. Don’t freestyle your gym time, go in with a plan.

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3. Skipping your warm-up/cool-down

The phrase “preparation leads to success” does not only apply to job interviews. By properly warming up and cooling down before and after your workout you are prepping your muscles for more effective training and efficient recovery. Do your body a favor and take a few minutes to stretch out.

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4. Not being hydrated

Do you want a one-way ticket to headache-ville? All you have to do is hit the gym without being properly hydrated. Avoid the headache and shoot for about 3 liters a day. 

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5. Poor Diet

If food is fuel for your body, then why wouldn't you put in premium? Don’t let your hard training go to waste, try and eat as clean of a diet as possible. Cut down on sodas, fried food, and late-night snacking, your body will thank you.

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