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1. Supports Recovery

Cold plunging has been shown to reduce soreness and inflammation by promoting better circulation of the blood vessels. This is ideal for flushing out metabolic waste such as lactic acids.

Pro Tip: Make the most of your post-workout routine with Anabolic Recovery. This product is ideal for minimizing muscle soreness.*

2. Support Liver Function

Cold plunging has been shown to help increase blood flow to the liver, which supports the creation of enzymes that are crucial for liver health.

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3. Weight Management

Cold plunging has been shown to increase the metabolism rate by upwards of 350%!

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4. Immune System Support

Studies have shown that cold plunging helps the body produce a stronger anti-inflammatory response, resulting in a stronger immune system.

Pro tip: Get the upper hand during allergy season with the help of Ideal Greens!*

5. Improves Flexibility

When you first submerge yourself in cold water your muscles will contract, however when you get out and warm up your muscles will be more relaxed and flexible.

Pro tip: Flexible muscles are nothing without healthy joints. Make the most of your mobility with OmegaOne!*

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